jueves, 5 de marzo de 2009

Award from PACI

Thanks a lot to my friend PACI she has a great blog, and she gave me this award.

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Alicia Lucnie dijo...

Hello Alejandra
My name is Alicia Lucnie and I am a scrap designer and also PSP Tuber
I am writing to you because I have been informed that a person have stolen my designs and she have been sharing my designs in her group without giving me credit! her name is Cherie Exendine aka AmbrosiaDelightz she have stolen my tubes and she is sharing them in her yahoo group Toobz by Cherie. I am really sad. I already wrote to her and I am writing to you because she is listed in your yahoo group as tuber and she is NOT a Tuber. As I said before she stole my tubes.
This is my Blog: http://www.alicialucnie.blogspot.com/