domingo, 31 de agosto de 2008

Creating "fresh badges" for your website/scrapbook

I found this funny free element to share with you:

Whether you're creating a trendy sticker type badge for your blog, your very web 2.0 website, or your scrapbook (both digital scrapbooks and touchable scrapbooks alike) - the creation of badges will surely be a way to freshen-up any page! We hope you enjoy this very quick and easy way to liven up any website!

Select badge style/colors
Choose from shapes, colors/gradients, add border, specify dimensions. Then...
Freshen your badge
Create eye-popping badge-candy - tweaking text, colors, shadows, glows,... even add a 'peel' to your badge!
Create and Download!
Download** your 'fresh badge' for your blog, website, newsletter, scrapbook and much more!

sábado, 16 de agosto de 2008

I´m still learning in this, for me, new matters.
I made changes every day till I reach the final design of the blog.
Will be uploading things every day, so please a little more patience with me.... and please leave me a message, is good to know what do you think about what I´m doing till now...
Any suggestions will be very welcomed....
(Also if you can correct my bad english...LOL)

Todavía estoy aprendiendo en estas cuestiones, nuevas para mi.
Estoy efectuando cambios todos los días hasta que consiga el final diseño del blog.
Subiré cosas todos los días, por favor tengan un poco más de paciencia ... y por favor dejenme un mensaje, es bueno conocer lo que piensan de lo que voy haciendo hasta ahora...
Cualquier sugerencia será muy bienvenida...
(También si pueden corregir mi mala ortografía en inglés...jejejeje)

jueves, 14 de agosto de 2008


Please have patience, yesterday I begun with my blog. I´m trying to design it. Learning thru internet....
Once I manage better all this blog matters, I hope can offer you a good blog to visit.