domingo, 31 de agosto de 2008

Creating "fresh badges" for your website/scrapbook

I found this funny free element to share with you:

Whether you're creating a trendy sticker type badge for your blog, your very web 2.0 website, or your scrapbook (both digital scrapbooks and touchable scrapbooks alike) - the creation of badges will surely be a way to freshen-up any page! We hope you enjoy this very quick and easy way to liven up any website!

Select badge style/colors
Choose from shapes, colors/gradients, add border, specify dimensions. Then...
Freshen your badge
Create eye-popping badge-candy - tweaking text, colors, shadows, glows,... even add a 'peel' to your badge!
Create and Download!
Download** your 'fresh badge' for your blog, website, newsletter, scrapbook and much more!

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